Monday, July 12, 2010

Boy Eats Girl

We decided to watch "Boy Eats Girl" because we had both heard good things about it, however it ended up being a huge let down. We felt it had more of a "teeny bopper flick" feel to it as opposed to a zombie movie. For a zombie movie, the teen drama over powered the "zombie-ness" for lack of a better word!

The reason we decided to give this movie a half decent rating, was because some of the zombie attacks/killings made us laugh, and there were some good gory zombie scenes. Some of our favourite scenes included one scene where the cute innocent old woman, who plays the teenagers teacher is riding away from a horde of zombies on her vespa. The woman passes one of the most annoying characters in the movie and tells her to "f@$& off!" then immediately crashes- woops!
Another scene we found funny enough to consider a favourite scene, was when the mother of the main character gets attacked by a zombie priest and defends herself by using a live poisonous snake! Lastly, when the main character Nathan rips off a zombies head with his bare hands, made for a pretty well done gory scene that gained higher points for the movie.

Overall, we expected a lot more from this movie, it seemed like more of an Irish episode of a Saturday morning teen sitcom. The ending was weak, since all the zombies seemed to disappear as soon as the main character was cured.

Melissa's rating: 5/10 "I would never put a poisonous snake in my glove compartment, just sayin'! "

James' rating: 5/10 "Why do some of the Irish teenagers look like they're in their mid 40's?!"

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