Wednesday, June 23, 2010


We thought this film could have used just a little more blood and gore however the scenes where there was gore were very well done! This movie has a lot of similarities to "Zombie Holocaust." Both movies begin with an incident in New York that leads to the main characters going to a tropical island to seek the truth. This movie shares footage, locations, and actors with "Zombie Holocaust," although was far better, and had a classic "Dawn of the Dead" feel to it. We personally would have enjoyed the movie better if it had taken place in New York city as opposed to a tropical island, however Lucio Fulci pulled it off a lot better than Marino Girolami did in "Zombie Holocaust." The story was difficult to follow at times, but the ending was a lot more satisfying and left us wanting more.

Our favourite scenes from "Zombie" were the scene where the unnecessarily topless 70's babe goes scuba diving and encounters both a shark, and a zombie! This leads to an amazingly well done scene where the zombie attacks the shark, and they both try to eat each other! Another great scene is when the doctors wife experiences a thrilling zombie attack in her own home. She barricades herself in her bedroom, when suddenly a zombie breaks through, grabs her hair and pulls her through the broken door causing her to be stabbed in the eye by a piece of broken wood!

Melissa's rating: 6/10 "Zombies vs. Jaws!"

James' rating: 6/10 "Classic zombie fun!"

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  1. Has anybody else noticed they're now using the zombie vs. shark scene from this movie in TV ads now!? And is anybody else annoyed by the fact that they refer to the shark as a Great White when it's clearly a Tiger shark? Or that they suggest the zombie and shark develope a loving bond when the zombie is clearly trying to take a bite out of the shark?