Wednesday, June 23, 2010

Zombie Holocaust

Aka "Dr. Butcher M.D", which in our opinion should have been the name of the movie. First things first, the name is very deceiving because in a movie called "Zombie Holocaust" there is a serious lack of zombies. Most of the "zombie attacks" were actually done by naked Asian cannibals with the same haircut. The movie dragged big time, however you do get to see some classic looking zombies but it doesn't last too long. The gore was all thanks to the evil experiments of "Dr. Butcher M.D (Medical Deviate)" and the ending was extremely weak, explaining nothing (including how the female lead somehow managed to escape being a human sacrifice at the hands of the cannibals.)

Our favourite part was when the two remaining main characters are attacked by one of the better looking zombies on the beach and the zombie is killed by having an outboard motor shoved into his face!

Melissa's rating: 3.5/10 "This movie is a liar!"

James' rating: 3/10 "Better luck next time!"

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  1. You want a boring zombie movie, watch "Oasis of the Zombies." ...On second thought, don't.